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About us Fast to Buy company is a Motion Control Expert in Industrial Automation, with most full range products, continuously offering all kinds of Servo Motor, Stepper Motor, Spindle Motor, Driver, Reducer, VFD, HMI, PLC etc. to customers all over the world. Founded in 2011, Fast to Buy Limited have a strong team of highly experienced and professional workforce in th...

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Company: Fast to Buy Limited

Contact: Vivian / Surina

Tel: +86-755-82550561

Phone: +86-15816890737 / +86-18576760693

E-mail: vivian@fasttobuy.com / ali@fasttobuy.com

Address: 2F, Bldg B, Shunxing Industrial Zone, Zhongxing Rd, Longgang Dist, Shenzhen 518129, CN.

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